Save Money, Save Water

For something so vital to our survival, most of us spend very little time thinking about our water –where it comes from, how it gets to us, what happens along the way, and how much we use are all important questions that we rarely ask. Did you know that if you live in New York City, your tap water travels more than 125 miles from upstate New York. Reservoirs upstate deliver over 1.1 billion gallons of fresh water to the city every day.  New York City pioneered the use of environmental conservation methods to protect these upstate sources of our city’s pristine water.

However, recently increasing amounts of lead have been found in our drinking water. If you live in an older building, your drinking water may still be running through lead pipes.  If you’re a New York City resident, you can get a free kit to test your water, learn more about the Free Residential Lead Testing Program.


In addition, as our city grows and evolves, the need for maintaining our aging infrastructure increases. New York City is continually upgrading our water system infrastructure. And there are many new programs in New York that can help you upgrade your building and save water.

BlocPower can install low-flow water fixtures for your faucets and showers, contact us at or 646-780-9931 to learn more.





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