Check Out BlocPower’s New Mobile App at IBM InterConnect 2017!

BlocPower will be featured in a Keynote at the IBM InterConnect 2017 conference in Las Vegas this week! On March 21 our Chief Engineering Officer, Tooraj Arvajeh, will be on stage at InterConnect to announce BP Analyze, the new mobile application we have been developing with our partners, IBM and Harmony.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 4.50.56 PM 1On stage at InterConnect, Tooraj, along with Derek Schoettle (IBM’s GM for the Watson Data Platform), and Matt Brooke-Smith (Harmony’s CEO & Co-founder) will discuss how we are partnering to create BP Analyze. Our new app, will use IBM Watson to gather data on human behavior to help low-to-moderate income building owners save money on their utility bills and improve their buildings’ health.

BP Analyze is like having a real-time engineer in your pocket that helps identify ways to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions while improving the health and energy efficiency of your building.  Through the app, building systems like boilers and thermostats are made interactive as users take pictures and provide information about these components. IBM’s Watson learns from BlocPower’s engineering algorithms and brings cognitive power to technology. Instead of our engineers physically visiting buildings to conduct an energy efficiency audit, the mobile app thinks like an engineer to combine data science with building science. The moment users enter their building information into BP Analyze, the data is run through BlocPower’s engineering algorithms to identify targeted building retrofit solutions that will yield sizable energy savings and indoor air quality improvements.

BlocPower provides financial and engineering analytics that reduce the barriers between small-to-medium sized building owners and quality-of-life improving building retrofits. BP Analyze increases BlocPower’s impact, allowing us to gather building data faster and better understand the behavior of building occupants, so when we recommend building retrofits we can truly optimize building performance and reduce operating costs.

If you’re at the IBM InterConnect 2017 conference, we hope to see you at our session, “Data Science: Unleash Intelligent Client Experiences”  in the Main Tent on Tuesday, March 21 at 11:30am Pacific Time/ 2:30pm Eastern Time.  If you can’t be there, sign up to view the livestream HERE.

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