Behind the Scenes: Developing Time Series Databases at BlocPower

As a software developer and an undergraduate student from the University of Waterloo, I had been looking for interesting companies where I could intern. As chance would have it, BlocPower was hiring database developers, and as I researched BlocPower, I realized I would be able to do great work here. Luckily, after interviewing with the principle data architect and CTO of BlocPower, I got matched to BlocPower.

yusufI’m on the technology team, working as a database developer. My job is very interesting, and I am treated the same way as a full-time developer. Most of my work is on data-integration and database management. One of the integration projects that I created involves connecting our company database, our project development management tool, and publicly available city data. I’m working to enable our engineering, operations, and business development teams by setting up this data so that it populates our database and software tools using Rest API and Pentaho.

What I appreciate most, and what is most unique about my work, is that BlocPower is always on the edge of technology. In my second month of work, the CTO told me that we are going to have a new type of data coming in and we need to be prepared for that. We are working closely with the IoT (Internet of Things) and the sensors we setup in all the buildings are sending back time series data. As a result, I am responsible for researching the best technology and tools to store this time series data. Time series databases have attracted all my attention, so I created a decision matrix for the existing tools. I recently presented my research results in front of the whole company. Using the feedback from my presentation, I am moving the project to the next phase. I’m proud to be an intern in BlocPower, because it is not only helping the environment but also saving lives. At the same time, I learned more than I expected and I am using this knowledge to help the company and society.

-Yusuf Liu, Software Development Intern, BlocPower


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