Behind the Scenes: My Technology Internship at BlocPower

I joined BlocPower because of a program my high school in Scottsdale, AZ offers called the Senior Research Project. The project allows all seniors to, instead of taking classes in their third trimester, research a central question and work for a company related to that topic. My question happened to be concerned with how retrofits like rooftop gardens being implemented in inner city schools affect STEM-based education. As chance would have it, the interplay of retrofits and inner cities is exactly what BlocPower does, so after looking into some sustainability companies, I found myself on BlocPower’s website and knew immediately “this is where I want to intern.”

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I have been on the team ever since, working for the technology department as a quality assurance tester. In more basic terms, my job is making sure the user interface for our applications and sites have no bugs (i.e. if login is pressed on our website that it takes the user to a page with option to enter their email and password). In addition to doing technical work, I have been involved in meetings about SEO and different marketing channels and I even gave my first presentation yesterday (on how we can integrate our wiki with a communication tool called Slack).

As an intern, I am impassioned to work for BlocPower, because I know new initiatives like BuildHealth (a program to combat poor air quality and breathing conditions for tenants living in the Bronx) are being rolled out to address energy cost savings for building owners, and the resultant social and environmental benefits for the residents. Working for a forward-thinking company is a reward in itself, but doing it and feeling as if I have an impact to be made has been an experience I will not forget.

-Kayvon Gorji, Technology Intern, BlocPower

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